my favorite things

I’ve been sick for three weeks which, honestly, should be considered illegal. It is too long to not go to school, so instead I trudge through the day hoping tomorrow will be better, but every morning I’m still sick. I thought I was getting over it and then whoop, nope, I got a major stomach ache mid-way through the day today (I am not a happy camper right now). So to cheer myself up, I’m going to pull a Julie Andrews/Maria (The Sound of Music) and list my favorite things (And, just to give this list some direction, I am going to narrow it down to my favorite LA food things).

And here they are (You may notice that I’m partial to sweets):

1.The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt

Bigg Chill is a West LA staple. It’s a small-ish shop, with an everchanging menu of flavors, the worst parking situation imaginable, and a crowd at any hour of the day (you’d be surprised how many people get ice cream at 8 pm on a Wednesday). I recommend getting any flavor (I’ve never had a bad one) and asking for toppings on the side because they then fill up an entire other cup with your toppings so you can parcel them out over your yogurt however you want. Honestly, I don’t crave many things, but I do crave Bigg Chill.

2.Susie Cakes

More specifically, I am in love with their Vanilla Celebration Cake. Some people may think it is too rich, but let me tell you, it is perfection. Just read their description: “6-layers of vanilla cake baked with colorful sugar confetti, filled & frosted with our signature retro-blue vanilla frosting”. Sounds like Heaven to me! See, here I am in heaven on my birthday with this awesome cake

Iphone 1-19-15 1005

3.Duff’s Cake Mix

I suppose this is a bit of a cheat because it’s not on the list for the actual food, but rather for the experience. Duff Goldman’s (The Ace of Cakes star) relatively new shop, Duff’s Cake Mix, allows goers to get professional help decorating provided cakes. It’s really cool! I’ve been twice with my friends and the assistants in the shop, as well as occasionally Duff, help you mold fondant and utilize other techniques that are way to complicated to DIY. Getting to take home an edible cake or batch of cupcakes isn’t too bad either (Literally get to have your cake and eat it too). Here is the instagram page with examples and here are me and my friend’s first attempts (my 2nd was better, but I lost the photos: oh well)


4.Feast From the East

This is my number one favorite take-out spot. I’ll condense the menu for you; the only things you need to get are the sesame chicken wings and the Chinese chicken salad. This is the best Chinese chicken salad in LA (I dare anyone to contradict that) and possibly the best outside of LA too. Seriously, try it (It’s bomb).

5.Fresh Corn Grill

Fresh Corn Grill is my go to place when I don’t really want to eat healthy, but I know I should. They have tons of salads, proteins, sides, and other delicious bites (even pizza) that are healthier than normal restaurant foods, but they have good sized proportions so I feel full after eating there. My go to thing there is the Fresh Corn Grill salad (with no tomato because I am not about that life), but I have also tried their smoked salmon pizza and other entrees.

Wow, this actually worked: my stomach is feeling better already! I knew Julie Andrews was on top of her stuff!


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