the maple to my syrup

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE breakfast. I honestly think it is my absolute favorite meal of the day. Eggs are muy delicioso, who doesn’t love any kind of bacon?, fruit is always a good way to start the day, same with yogurt, cereal reminds me of childhood, I can make pretty great french toast (the secret is the bread), I love oatmeal both in cookies and as a meal, if I never gained weight I would exist only on muffins and breakfast pastries, and waffles- both professionally made and Eggo- are always on par. But, for me, the absolute greatest treat of breakfast is the pancake.

I have eaten some pretty solid pancakes in my day. My dad used to occasionally make a pretty mean banana pancake modeled off his dad’s award-winning recipe (still probably my favorite type of pancake) as well as we would always experiment at home with adding sprinkles or other crazy toppings into our Sunday morning delicacies. I also visited PJ’s Pancake House while touring Princeton University recently (photo below), which has an eclectic assortment of pancakes with different ingredients and fillings (they also let you sample three different types at a time: 3x the yum).

Abby Iphone 2015 134

Yet the craziest pancakes I have ever found were at Richard Walker’s Pancake House in San Diego. I had the pleasure of going this weekend and let me tell you, it’s Ah-mazing! I mean they take pancakes to a whole new level. I practically spend every other breakfast comparing it to this one. They don’t just have tons of different toppings and fillers for pancakes, but they also make special baked pancakes which are like mountains on a plate. Just look at this pancake. It’s massive and it’s about a quarter the size of the gargantuan German pancake on the menu:

photo (30)

It’s thick, fluffy, decadent, and delicious (And almost impossible to finish in one sitting). It’s some magical, fluffy, special kind of pancake that comes out hot with lots of cinnamon, brown sugar, and apples on top. The other specialty pancakes include items like the cinnamon pecan, the Dutch (and Dutch baby) and many more. Keep in mind that these are on top of their already large pancake, crepe, waffle, omelette, and other breakfast creation selection. (Mmmmmmm… so good). Menu here, but be ready to salivate just reading the choices. You’ll practically have to jump in your car and head on over.

Warning, however. Richard Walker’s is a staple of the area and every morning there is always a long line leading out the door. I mean ALWAYS. We went there at about 9 am on a random Tuesday morning in the rain and there was a line huddling under the umbrellas they provided. Insanity. Luckily, like Disneyland, they know what they are doing and they move people in and out fast that even on a crowded Sunday morning at 10 the line still passes quickly. But, even if the line didn’t, I would probably still wait: it’s just that good.


2 thoughts on “the maple to my syrup

  1. Wonderful blog! Have you ever read M.F.K. Fischer, a California food writer of note? Or seen the old Julia Child TV series–some of the shows are hilarious. I think you would love them.

    Love, Grandmother

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