fun in the sun

I spent this past weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona and let me tell you it was HOT! The high of my four days there was about 117 degrees (Crazy, right?!). I had so much fun though! It was just my little sister and I that went and we visited my aunt, uncle, and grandparents who all live out there now. It was also a great break of relaxation after a summer spent working and never leaving LA.

We did so much while we were out there (like spend hours in the pool), so I’m only really going to talk about the two activities I enjoyed most.

The first day we were there we took a Jeep tour around some Indian ruins in the area. I had been looking to sleep in while on vacation, but due to the heat we ended up waking up around 6:00 to leave for a 7 am tour; however, that paid off and we finished early enough in the morning that the glaring mid-day sun didn’t have the chance to wipe all of our energy. We stopped at a site of some reconstructed remains from a now wiped out Indian tribe. Our tour guide, Rebel,  was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife which she would point out along the way as we made a short jaunt up to the site. My gosh, the views alone were worth the trip. You could see for miles.

8-20-15 075

8-20-15 081

8-20-15 078

(that’s Rebel)

8-20-15 090

(The berries on that bush work as a natural source of caffeine and are pretty yummy)

The other exciting activity that we did was Top Golf. It was a last ditch idea when we had run out of things to do, so my hopes for it weren’t too high, but it turned out to be really fun! My sister has played on a golf team in the past, but my aunt, grandpa, and I were pretty much newbies to the sport, yet we still had a ton of fun. Top Golf takes a driving range to a whole new level. There are targets on the range and each person earns points based on how accurate and how far they are able to hit the ball, then a computer screen shows scores and rankings among the players. It was really neat! Also, the facility in Scottsdale is relatively new (only opened about 6 months ago) so the facilities are gorgeous and they even have a full bar and lots of yummy looking foods. For someone who doesn’t care for golf, I had a surprisingly great time golfing.

8-20-15 126

8-20-15 119

(little sis)

8-20-15 116


Arizona was a ton of fun and it was so great to visit with family (hopefully they’ll let us come back). I can’t wait to see everyone again this weekend when we all go down to San Diego, but for now I’ll just have to let LA be enough! 🙂


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