and the walls came tumbling down…

Another hike? More graffitied old buildings? How many of these places can there be in LA? Well, Sunken City is the last one of these places I have heard of (but who knows, there could be even more!). So this Sunday turned into another exciting adventure amongst broken concrete, abandoned areas, and yes, lots of graffiti.

Sunken City is a little further out of Los Angeles compared to the other hikes and is in San Pedro which has gorgeous views of the harbor and ocean. The last time I remember being in San Pedro was when I was boarding the Disney Cruise 10 years ago for their 50th anniversary. (BTW, I still can’t believe it’s already their 60th!). So even if it didn’t have this awesome city, San Pedro would be worth the trip just for the sights:


So we set out for this ‘hike’ (more of an exploration than an actual hike) with the knowledge that it is technically trespassing to climb around on it, but I went with my parents so I had few concerns. But, when we got to the park which it said online is a great place to duck under the fence, we found that there was an event going on that involved lots of police officers crowding the area. That also might have had something to do with the fact that the music was more rock ‘n roll than one would imagine to be played at a beach side park (the biker hang out didn’t help too much either). So, anyways, we initially thought we were going have to bail on the idea because it would be too difficult to sneak through without being caught, yet we decided to walk around a bit more to see if we could catch a glimpse.

As we followed the fence around the perimeter we started to see more and more people wandering around inside. Some looked like locals who knew what they were doing, but others appeared to be dressed more like us and were just there for the day. We watched them for a while and eventually found that there was an easier back entrance to the city. Along the fence, away from the prying eyes of people in the park, and instead in a discreet ally, there was a nice chunk cut out: the perfect size for a person to walk through.

So, thankfully, our trip was not wasted and we got to wander around this insane, fallen city. See how cool:



I got to say, the graffiti here was much higher quality than the other two places we visited. There were much fewer tags and many more actual drawings and artwork among this group. Also, because of its proximity to the water there was a nice breeze and the sound of crashing waves below. From the city there were paths down to the water where we saw a few surfers and even a couple of swimmers enjoying the nice 85 degree weather.


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