I have just come home after a long day at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival. I’m pretty pooped out I gotta say. Laguna Beach is about an hour away from my house in West LA, so between the drive and walking around the festival grounds my body is yelling at me to lay on the couch and binge watch Lost on Netflix (It’s my newest obsession show: I literally can’t stop watching).


Any-who-how, the Sawdust Festival was like a walk down memory lane. I haven’t been since I was little when we would go regularly as a family. There are glass blowing demonstrations, artists selling their works, and places to create your own art like ceramic bowls on a potter’s wheel. The festival is really cute because its in an already established area, so the booths are more than just white canvas tents that were set up the week before. Instead, everything has character to it to go along with the art and there is even a waterfall in the back along with a water wheel. See, like I said, really cute:




The festival showcases local Laguna Beach artists and, while didn’t end up buying anything at the festival, it was fun to walk around. Afterwards we strolled down to the beach which was an easy two blocks away. The main street of Laguna Beach was quaint and adorable, much like its art show, and the beach was packed with vacationers much like Santa Monica. It was a pleasant walk and we all enjoyed both the cool sea breeze and the delicious smells of fresh churned ice cream coming from several little shops.



When we were done we took one of their free trolleys back up to our parking lot and headed home. It was a long drive, but a nice, chill day in the sun with a town we normally don’t get down to often. Now pardon me while I finish off my day watching if Jack ever gets off the Other’s island and if Desmond was right that Charlie is gonna die.


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