parlez-vous anglais?

I wish that once upon a time I had learned French, it’s such a beautiful language. But, alas, I have spent the last five years learning Spanish. Not that it wasn’t fun, but those French lessons would have really come in handy this past weekend when I gave a friend from France a grand tour of Los Angeles.

First of all, Jeanne was absolutely darling!

Moving on, she spoke very beginner English. Her grammar was usually spot on, but the vocabulary wasn’t always there. I’m also pretty bad at communicating and tend to just start repeating words over and over hoping something will all of a sudden click (Not the most effective strategy). So, I figured that the best thing for all of us (J+me+ mom and sis) would be to take a hike. Here we all are:


(From left: CJ, Me, Jeanne)

I mean, if I have to show someone LA, I think a hike is a pretty great idea. I had never been on this specific hike, Cahuenga Peak, but it had great views of the entire city and aptly demonstrated the LA hiking trend.

The hike was gorgeous. It started atop Lake Hollywood Drive and wound its way up into the mountains. It went past the Wisdom Tree, which was the last surviving tree from the Hollywood fire and became a spot from Angelenos to leave notes and letters. The hike then continues to wind behind the Hollywood sign and provide stunning views of Lake Hollywood and the surrounding area. Pictures:


(Wisdom Tree flagged out for the 4th of July)



(Writing notes at the tree)


The only issue, however, was that the hike was a legit hike. I’m talking straight uphill for about three miles. My legs are still sore. I think we almost made Jeanne burst. Apparently the French only really hike while on “holiday” (whoopsies?) However, she was an awesome sport and trekked through the entire trail (Love her!). She even seemed to be in a fairly good mood after we were back at the bottom and in our car on the way home. Anyways, she got some pretty fab instas out of the deal (And, I mean, pictures are half of the reason you hike, right?)

photo 1 (21)

(My pretty perfect insta)


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