a pop of color in Beverly Hills

Okay, so I was wandering down around Rodeo Drive the other day waiting for a friend’s mom to pick us up. If you have ever visited Rodeo then you know that almost all the shops are major, big name designer retail stores like Chanel or Hermes.  However, while walking in search of a bathroom we ended up right behind the main street in a little courtyard where we find the most adorable little bakery- La Patisserie Artistique– that was certainly not mainstream (By the way, they don’t have a restroom).

Now what made this bakery so special? Well, the woman who worked there was a pro at creating the most detailed little cakes. And, of course, being just off of Rodeo, she specialized in recreating those big designer store’s boxes. I was dying of cuteness when I saw them! Just look:

photo 2 (14)

photo (20)

Is that impressive or what? We asked her to teach us, but she said no 😦 . My friend ended up getting one of the Tiffany’s boxes for her mom’s birthday.

Now, if you happened to be wondering why I was down at Rodeo for the day I will tell you. I normally don’t get down into Beverly Hills very often due to the traffic which generally sucks at all points in the day. But my friend and I had decided to make the venture to get hair chalk at The Private Room Salon which is nearby. My friend had been wavering back and forth on whether or not to dye her hair, so we figured this would be the best way to test it out without having to fully commit to the color. She got lots of pink streaks and I opted for one simple blue streak.

I was really hyped for this idea of hair chalk, but was kind of disappointed. The color was vibrant on the first day, but nearly non-existent by the second and completely gone after my first wash. I would have wanted it to stay for more like a week, not a day. The short term made it feel kind of pointless. However, it was really fun to get it done and watch them rub the pure color into my hair! It was more like a fun activity, than an actual hairdo. Here we are chilling with our color: (Mine’s purposefully hard to see because my dad isn’t really into my dying my hair unnatural colors).

photo (21)


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