beach please

Ugh, I absolutely cannot wait for the holidays. They seems so close, but then I realize that before I get to cookies and Santa Clause I have to go through finals (ew.). But, nevertheless, this year my family is getting a head-start on all things holidays, which includes Christmas cards. It’s pretty much a miracle that we have ordered them before Thanksgiving. Last year, my mom started sealing the envelopes around New Year’s.

My family has the tradition of sending cards with just photos of my sister and I. Also, if possible my mom loves to include something nontraditional in our cards. One year the photos were taken of us inside a jail, another year we were in formal clothes in a pool. You get the idea. Now that we are older, my sister and I have started to rebel against the photos that aren’t exactly flattering of the two of us, so this year we came up with a compromise. The card features a photo of my sister and I taking a selfie on the beach with the caption “Have your ‘selfie’ a very merry Christmas”. (It’s pretty cute, I gotta say).

We took the photos down at the Venice Pier, which, unlike the Santa Monica Pier, has no rides or attractions. It did, however, provide a nice backdrop and enabled us to spend time in Venice, which we normally never do. Another plus about this was the amazing sunset we witnessed afterwards. All the colors came through and created a gorgeous end to a pretty fun day. It was cool to see tons of people line up along the tops of the sand hills to take in the view. Sunsets over the beach are sooo not overrated.



photo copy


(this photo is my new header)


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