scaredy cat: Halloween pre-game part 3

Here it is: post three! So what’s my third favorite part about October? Dun dun dun dun…the horror! Yes, as much as I am absolutely petrified by everything, (Ghostbusters gave me nightmares) I also totally love it at the same time. My sister is really into the horror movies, but I am more of a book person. I think  creepy books (think Haunting of Hill House) are more entertaining than not being able to sleep for weeks after watching a real scary movie. However, both she and I can agree on one thing: Horror Nights!

Every year Universal Studios throws this events almost every night in October. There are zombies and clowns and men on stilts and lots of chainsaws and it is pretty much like voluntarily walking into a horror film. These actors dressed up as those from the film walk around the park and get very much into your personal space bubble.  Let me tell you, they are very good at making people very scared. I attended one night about a year ago with my friends and my sister went last night (so jealous) with hers. One for sure thing about going is that you will have a killer story to tell everyone else. I mean with these actors, one sign of weakness is pretty much your undoing. Think running away will help? Ya right, unless having them gang up and chase you down is your goal. Screaming? That will only bring them closer and encourage them. The only way out is to do nothing.

Horror NightsHorror Nights 2

(For instance, while walking through one of the ‘scare zones’ (areas where actors are allowed to walk and scare freely) I witnessed another group of girls get scared by a giant cone-headed guy on stilts. Obviously freaked out and screaming, they ran behind a nearby curtain hiding park supplies. The actor then stood right outside of the curtained area, beating on the cloth and yelling, while the girls screams rang out. Like I said, you cannot outrun these guys.

While my sister was exiting the park, her and her friends became surrounded by men dressed as Purge characters. They too, were silly enough to run, and they tried to hide out in a merchandise store. Now, the rule of thumb in the park is that the actors cannot enter the stores, however, this does not mean that they can’t stand outside the doorway and block all escape routes. After cowering in the store for quite some time, the actors eventually became distracted and the screaming group of girls were able to sprint out of the park.

Sound horrifying? It is. Not that anyone probably needed a story to understand why a chainsaw three inches from your body would create quite the adrenaline rush. However, it is also the funnest place every to go on October nights and it never seems to disappoint. I can’t wait to go again and once I convince my friends I will for sure be back!

Universal Studios was not the first to come up with this idea. Actually, in LA the first theme park to put them on was Knotts Berry Farm and now I am hearing that Six Flags also puts on a similar event. To where I live, Universal is the closest and everyone I know has only ever gone there, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to or decipher which of the three is the best. However, no matter which I were to go to, I’m sure they would all be incredibly freaky and so so so much fun!


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