trick or treat: Halloween pre-game part 1

Okay, so it has been like 2 weeks since I have posted anything, which is pretty bad on its own, let alone the fact that I have completely missed the start of October! Now, what’s so special about October? Well, first off it is the beginning of the major Holiday Season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday. Also, it is the actual start of fall weather! (YAYYAYYAY!!) So, in other places where seasons and cold actually exist this might not be the case, but here it really only starts getting cold towards the middle/end of October (I had to wear my first jacket of the year last week) and cold weather=sweater weather=happiness. Also, October has this little known, awesome thing called Halloween! So, yeah, October is kind of awesome.

Now, to make up for my missing of the beginning of October, each day this weekend I am going to make a different post about one of my three favorite aspects of October (its a three day weekend at my school for no apparent reason). I’ll let you in on a hint: this is post one. So what is my number one favorite part about the weeks leading up to Halloween? One word: sweets!

Besides the standard, packaged candy that children receive by the pound on Halloween night, October is a great time for baking cakes and goodies. Just look at what is in season: pumpkin, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberries, etc. (the list goes on and on). There are literally endless ideas for cooking and all of them are guaranteed to be way more satisfying that just something labeled ‘fun-size’.

So, in honor of these amazing ingredients, I made Heath Pumpkin Cake Bars. Based off this scrumptious recipe from Crazy for Crust, I substituted in 1 cup of crushed Heath bars for her toffee and pecans (just to add some of that classic Halloween candy feel). Lets just call these “Sweetened Condensed Pumpkin Perfection”, because that is honestly the best way to describe them. I mean for starters, my house smelled like pumpkin pie the entire night. I literally woke up salivating in my bed. Package that scent and I could send Fabreze out of business. Secondly, these bars taste like pumpkin pie-cake with an ooey, gooey crushed candy and sweetened condensed milk center. It literally oozes out of the pan (which is why I recommend tin foil; I thought I was too cool for that, but was proven very wrong) and in your mouth the chocolate, toffee, and nuts combine perfectly with the pumpkin to knock this combo out of the park. Now, seriously, stop reading because you need go make these now.


My mom brought these to her choir practice and they literally flew off the platter; I’m telling you, bake these and people will start claiming you’re an amazing chef! Everyone will suddenly start begging you to bring a dish to the pot-luck.

Also, I am planning on baking apple chips with a little pumpkin pie spice later today, and maybe pumpkin pancakes tomorrow morning with the leftover pumpkin puree…yummmyy! Oh, how I wish it was fall forever.

So, that’s really all I have to say about fall sweets: they’re da bomb. And, now that school is picking up and I am crunched for time, baking is a fun activity that requires very little planning and pretty much zero driving (a win-win if you ask me)! Tomorrow, I’ll be back again writing about my second favorite aspect of fall, but you’ll have to read that post if you want to know what it is!


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