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I have become increasingly obsessed with food blogs (Crazy for Crust and Top with Cinnamon are my favorites). I spend way too much time looking at all the different recipes I could be making. However, most of the time I treat it like window shopping and don’t actually make any of the foods. It’s not that I’m a bad cook because, for a teenager, I’m actually fairly good, I just don’t have either the time or the motivation. Bake a cake or study for my APUSH test? I usually end up going for the studying; it’s a little more practical. But that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love to look and, on occasion, bake. In fact, just this last weekend I made these amazing oatmeal blondes I found on Yummly and added a few white chocolate chips: ohmygod were they amazing! By some miracle the 30minutes it said to cook them for was perfect for my oven, so they came out fully cooked but still perfectly soft on the inside. They were rich, vanilla goodness with a slight crunch from the oatmeal and little pockets of gooey from the white chocolate chips. They lasted on my kitchen counter not even half the day. My dad’s response was, “you can make these again”. Thanks, dad, will do.

Last week my school took a field-trip down to the beach to work with Heal the Bay. We spent the first hour of the day picking up trash right around the Santa Monica Pier, then were given lunch and free time to play in the water. Let me tell you, that beach is not clean. Which is sad because it looks so pretty, but a storm drain lets off right under the pier, so I’d recommend driving a little further away before you set down your towel. Also, something I learned was that Heal the Bay has a daily “beach report card” that rates the quality of the sand and the water all up the S. Californian coast. I’m really bad about dragging myself down to the beach on the weekends, but it sounds like it would be a good idea. Cool gadgets aside, we had a nice day at the beach. The water’s still warm, as is the air (I think I’m going to overheat today: its like a billion degrees) so some of the boys jumped into the water and played. My friends and I just ended up wandering up onto the pier and walking around. We got Dippin’ Dots (which apparently still exist and are still just as yummy) and found a place in the shade to just chill for a few hours. I also grabbed lunch up there because, while they provided Bay Cities, (the best sandwich shop ever!!!) they got sandwiches with mayo on it which I don’t eat.  There really need to be more lazy day field trips in high school. Or nap time. Both would work for me right now.

I run cross country for my school and our first league meet is tomorrow. I am sort of freaking out because I’m worried I’m going to embarrass myself by doing badly. Last year as a sophomore I did okay (23 min for 3 miles), but this year something just isn’t clicking and people who I beat last year are beating me in practices this year. I feel more out of shape and it seems that no matter how hard I keep running in practice, I’m not improving as fast as I did last year. 3 miles is a long time out in the heat to be dying and if I start to fast that’s what I will be doing. However, if I start too slow, then I might be too far behind to catch up in the end and chances are I will still be dying. There is really nothing I can do at this point, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying. Only 14 hours 36 min and 14 seconds until I race. Just gotta stay calm.

Last night my mom told me about this Tampax commercial from a foreign country. Apparently there are like these two gorgeous model spending the day at the beach. They are just hanging out, having a blast, then they take a break from the sand and head into the water. The two of them- one blonde and one brunette- are chatting and laughing, then out of nowhere a giant shark hops out of the water and eats the brunette. This bloody and gory scene is followed by the tagline and title: Tampax. Why don’t we have commercials like this in America? If this was what was on, maybe I wouldn’t fast forward or change the station when they come on. Instead, all we have is the “blah blah buy me” commercials that have no intrigue at all.

The newest Mockingjay trailer came out!!!! I leave you with that.


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