planning ahead/ time flies

This weekend just seemed to fly by. One minute it is 2:30 on Friday and the next it is 8 o’clock Sunday night; it’s like it never even happened! During the week I came up with all these grand ideas of the places I could go this weekend, but in reality the only thing I accomplished was catching up on a few hours of sleep and getting in some quality reading time. Therefore, I decided to write this post to tell you all the things I wanted to do this weekend, but just ran out of time for (because, hey, somebody might as well know about all the fun I had planned).

First and foremost I was most excited about going to Dunkin Donuts. This past week the first one opened up in Santa Monica! While the rest of the world is probably rolling their eyes at silly LA who hasn’t had this basic staple all their lives, us Californians are pretty psyched. It’s funny because after seeing so many Dunkin commercials I would have sworn we had them here in LA, but apparently I was wrong (the same thing happened with Walmart, which we don’t really have here either). I was really hoping to get to see what I had been missing for so many years and compare it to my favorite doughnut shop, Stan’s in Westwood, but I guess that will have to wait for anther morning.

Also on my weekend schedule was a hike. However, this wasn’t just another boring hike I had in mind. No, I was looking to go to an abandoned Nazi camp in the Santa Monica mountains. So, apparently just a short jaunt off of Capri Drive in Santa Monica, there is this graffiti artist haven that, during WWII, was a Nazi Camp. Its supposed to be just a three mile hike which isn’t too bad. And how cool would those photos be? I love artist covered old buildings, like the greenhouse in the brush behind UCLA or the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park, so this sounded like the greatest idea ever! (and I get extra credit in my Environmental Sciences class if I go on hikes).

UCLA greenhouse

(Here I am at the UCLA greenhouse)

Last, but not least, I wanted to go to Marina Del Ray. My friend and I have been talking for ages about driving up to the Marina and renting either stand up paddle boards or kayaks and just spending a day on the water. We have both been parasailing with a company down there and loved it, so we have been eager to try even more. Unfortunately, our plans always seem to fall through and we usually end up just grabbing a bite to eat or watching a movie instead.



Doughnuts, a healthy hike, and a day on the water: what could characterize a more perfect weekend? Unfortunately, this only existed in my head and I spent my two free days this week submerged into the twisted worlds of Shirley Jackson, my new author obsession (so, I’m not complaining, but it would have been nice to have a few more days off to be able to really enjoy the break, ya know?). Instead of running for thirty minutes like my cross country coach asked, I read “We Have Always Lived In the Castle”. When I could have been meeting my friends for lunch, I cranked out “The Haunting of Hill House”.And while I should have been studying for my Spanish quiz, I buried my nose into “The Bird’s Nest”. I either need to curb my reading addiction, or figure out how to get a hold of Hermione’s time-turner necklace because there is just way too much to do!

So, I guess now all there is to do is wait until next weekend and hope I am able to fulfill my weekend wishlist. (p.s. I really do recommend looking up those books though, they are really creepily awesome!)


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