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It’s the first week of school and I already think I’m going to be needing therapy. Not only did I have homework due on the first day, but I already have taken several quizzes and have an essay assigned. I repeat, it is the first. week. of. school. How am I going to survive a whole year?! I somehow convinced myself that taking AP US History (APUSH for short and notoriously the hardest class at my school) would be a great idea and totally be worth it to boost my college application; I was so naive. But, what the heck, right? At least after this year I will kill it on Jeopardy because, let’s be real, when else will I have to spout out that the Supreme Court Justice during the 1857 Dred Scott Decision was Roger Taney?  (#never.)

But, nevertheless, being the weekend I try to delay my inevitable breakdown at least until I step back on campus. Therefore, my best friend and I went out to dinner last night to have some fun and celebrate. After going back on forth on where to eat we decided to try out a restaurant we had never been to before: Flores and the Ladies’ Gunboat Society. What a name, right? We ended up asking our server about it and he told us that the restaurant was originally just called Flores after the owner’s name, but after they got a new head chef they added onto the name to signify their change in food. The Ladies’ Gunboat Society comes from the fact that their new chef lived in the South. During the Civil War, Southern women who wanted to be a part of the war effort created the Ladies’ Gunboat Society that held bake sales in order to raise money for the construction of Confederate warships (the learning never seems to stop…).

Regardless of the name, though, our food was stellar. Being located on Sawtelle Blvd., most of the nearby restaurants and stores are Japanese. Sawtelle is pretty much the place to be if you want an authentic plate of sushi or a delicious bowl of noodles. However, Flores does not have anything even close to Japanese food; instead, they serve modernized southern comfort foods. Weird, right? But, so, so yummy. I haven’t had tons of southern foods, just because I”m a typical LA girl who would take kale salad over potato salad any day, but this was different. Everything is family style so my friend and I ended up splitting the stuffed quail. The bird was moist, full of flavor, and stuffed with slightly spicy sausage. The quail sat upon a sweet potato puree and some collard greens. Nothing about the dish was too heavy or greasy, which is what I usually imagine when I think southern comfort, and everything had a really nice flavor. We also had the chocolate mousse pie for dessert which was pretty solid. My friend is addicted to chocolate, but I’m more of a vanilla/caramel girl, so the combo of the chocolate mousse with a salted caramel sauce around the outside gave us both something we loved.

I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. The restaurant has some very nice, sleek elements inside, that are complimented by the more homey design aspects, like the adorably different plates that are set up at each table. Inside, there is a bar to sit at and some tables, but the best spots are on the patio outside. Especially now when it is still warm out at night, the patio is quiet enough to carry on a conversation and open so you can enjoy the fresh air (they even have little cushions for your butt if you sit on one of the benches).

The restaurant does a great job at balancing the quaint comfort of a southern grandmother’s house with the modern aspects one would expect from a nice restaurant. I seriously can’t wait to go back again and take my family!

Flores and the Ladies Gunboat Society

(The restaurant facade)


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