a split new world

HAPPY NATIONAL BANANA SPLIT DAY! Yes, this is a real holiday and yes, I celebrated it. I was bored on the internet the other day and I looked up random holidays (I was born on rubber ducky day in case you cared). I noticed that today, August 25, was national banana split day, so, having never had one before, I decided today would be my day to try.

If you ask me, a banana split seems like it would be a pretty common menu item, but I had a surprisingly difficult time finding someplace nearby that sold them (apparently the best banana split is in Pasadena, but that’s way to far for ice cream). So, after a lot of searching and looking, I settled on going to an old favorite of mine: Cafe 50’s. Cafe 50’s is a 50’s themed diner on Santa Monica Blvd. I have been coming here since I was little with my grandparents to get one of their shakes (my sister also loved their fried Mac ‘n Cheese). They have a ginormous selection of shakes ranging in flavors from classic Oreo to PB&J to you name it. My favorite part about the cafe, though, is that the walls are covered with various adds from that era and every booth is finished with its very own jukebox. The booth I used to sit at with my grandparents has a whole wall behind it covered in the various old cigarette ads starring various doctors and celebrities. The atmosphere on its own makes this cafe a cute place to grab a treat.

Cafe 50s

(The view from our counter seats)

Now, being a diner, my banana split was pretty classic: a split banana (duh), strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, pineapple and strawberry syrup, with a topping of whipped cream, maraschino cherries, nuts, and chocolate syrup. Boy, was it yummy! It was huge so my sister split it with me (pun not intended) and we gobbled it up. I have now decided that I like banana splits. I’m not gonna lie, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain sundaes will always be number one in my heart, but ice cream with whipped cream (my favorite) and bananas is a pretty great idea. The chocolate sauce dripped down onto the banana and the vanilla ice cream soaked in all the yummy goodness of the strawberry syrup: genius.

banana split

(my banana split!!! look at that sugary perfection)

This was definitely worth the 16 year wait. Now I want to try banana splits from other shops. Cafe 50’s gave me a pretty solid traditional split, but I’m sure if I keep my eyes out I can find more unconventional versions. I will also totally be celebrating the other food national holidays now that I know these exist. I mean, why wait for an actual holiday when every day can be one? Overall, this was a pretty great excuse to go back to a childhood favorite of mine and eat lots of ice cream!


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