day off

Spending too much time in my house, even if working or being productive takes its tole. It is good to get outside, smell fresh air, force myself to put on makeup, and have my eyes adjust to a different light. Therefore, if I ever find myself spending two days in a row indoors, I always force myself out. Sometimes out just means going shopping or walking to the park for an hour, it doesn’t really matter where I go or what I do, so long as I don’t just waste away confined between my house’s four walls. The other day I was feeling crammed inside, but I still had tons of work to do that I needed a quiet place for (I have a week to read Moby Dick before school starts). I figured that the park would be too distracting, so I started thinking up other places I could go. After some time I settled on journeying over to a coffee shop; this way I could get a drink, free WiFi, and a nice atmosphere.

I chose to go to Espresso Profeta, a smaller coffee shop in Westwood. They had a nice area to sit in and outdoors and funky art adorning the walls. The whole place was really cozy and provided a much calmer atmosphere than if I had just gone to a Starbucks (named for a character in Moby Dick) or Coffee Bean. I have nothing against either of those places, in fact I frequent them most mornings, but they do tend to have more of a business atmosphere than I was looking for.  For instance, Profeta provided my coffee in a ceramic cup which encouraged me more that they wanted me to sit and stay awhile instead of a to-go cup which encourages me to find another location to enjoy my drink.

Before sitting down, though, I struck up a conversation with the barista. I am always on the search for a part-time job and so this came up during our chat. However, I was shut down because they don’t hire anyone who is in school or couldn’t work full time. As odd as this sounds, it actually makes complete sense. One big reason Profeta can’t, is because it makes these beautiful drinks with the swirly leaf on top. See:

Espresso Profeta

(my beautiful flat white)

And while one would think this might take a few weeks to master, it actually takes six months. Yup, that is right. It takes about half a year of practicing to be able to make this design, so a part-time employee, struggling with school, wouldn’t be able to be a full barista for a long time. Who knew a barista was such a tough job? This is also why big coffee chains can, if they chose, hire part-time people because making their drinks is more knowledge based rather than skill. And, while beauty can’t make the drink taste better, I think it does add a certain touch that you certainly wouldn’t be able to have at home.

I was exceedingly happy with my choice of coffee shop for the day. They had some coffee choices that I wasn’t used to seeing. For instance my flat white, which is popular in Australia and New Zealand, but relatively new to the States. They also had some sort of orange zest type coffee that I was too shy to try, but that looked really good. Everyone who worked there was friendly and I felt right at home amongst the collage students typing away and the artsy adults enthralled with their books. Next time I am looking for an escape, I will be sure to come back to Profeta.


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