lost in translation

I’m not going to claim that I am a hiker, because, while I appreciate nature, there just always seems to be something else I’d rather do than go on a hike (for example watch the new season of Suits and dream up scenarios where I fall madly in love with Harvey Specter). Today however, I decided it would be good for my mind, soul, body, etc. to take the outdoors for a spin. So, I called up a friend, put on my only baseball cap and set out for a day of fun in nature. Here in LA a popular hiking spot is Runyon Canyon. It’s located in view of the Hollywood sign and many of my friends (as well as celebrities) have taken cute instagrams along the trail. So my friend and I set out to try this trend out for ourselves, but let’s just say that things didn’t exactly work out as planned.

I’m a new driver and don’t yet have my complete bearings on the city, so I rely heavily on my iPhone app, Waze. Usually this app is a godsend that can navigate me anywhere in the city and get me there in the shortest time. However, this time it wasn’t so great. We typed “Runyon Canyon” into the search bar, then followed its directions religiously as we wound our way through the Hollywood Hills (let me tell you, this was NOT a short drive). Then, we arrived at a very dusty, small parking lot and trail head. While it was labeled “Runyon Canyon Park”, wherever we had ended up was nothing like the Runyon Canyon I had seen in photos. But, nevertheless, my friend and I had taken the time out of our day to drive up there so we decided that we might as well take a hike.

The trail, while clearly marked, was twisty, steep, and we fell several times. However, one good thing was that it was short. We reached the top of the mountain in about five minutes (I think our car had done most of the work and Waze had taken us to the very summit of the well known Runyon Canyon trail). From here we had an amazing, unobscured view of both the Hollywood sign (in the distance) and Downtown LA. Like normal teenage girls we stopped to take a picture and asked some fellow hikers to do the honors. These hikers it turned out were a group of twenty-something (ripped) tourist boys from Switzerland and after they had taken our photo, they asked us to take theirs. But while we just stood there trying our best to look cute, these boys pulled out all the stops. They took several moments conversing in some foreign language I didn’t know (it wasn’t Spanish) to plan out each of their poses. One stood on a post with his leg up by his face, another stood on one hand with his legs in the air, and yet another jumped like a karate master off the post and kicked his legs forward. Let me tell you, it was quite a photo (I wish I had a picture to show, but unfortunately they were all taken on his Swiss phone). They were very nice and we chatted with them (in English of course) before heading on our way. (Don’t worry, we weren’t so lazy as to turn back and we continued down the trail for a little ways before we both decided we had had enough).

So, while I can’t say that I have done the classic Runyon Canyon hike, I can say that I had quite the adventure. I saw a new part of the city, met some very nice people, and had the joy of being utterly lost in the mountains without good cell reception. If hiking was always this eventful, maybe I would do it more. (Ya, right).

Runyon Canyon2(our view of Downtown from the summit)

Runyon Canyon(a pretty picture from a little further down into the canyon)


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